Francisco Fort Museum is housed in the last original adobe Fort in Colorado.  Founded in 1862 as a trading post by Colonel John Francisco, the Fort has been at the heart of Spanish Peaks country ever since.

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A long history of service

The Fort served as gateway for goods flowing out of the region as well as supplies and people flowing in.  Within a few years, the railroad arrived in La Veta, running a spur directly to the Fort.  Soon after, the railroad was built over La Veta Pass - at the time the highest railroad cross in the world - and into the San Luis Valley.  The town of La Veta grew up around the Fort, which continued to serve as a hotel, post office, storehouse, and private home.


Storehouse of memory

For over fifty years, the Fort has served as the repository of the heirlooms and artifacts of the Cucharas Valley.  Today, the Museum comprises not only the Fort itself, but a collection of important buildings from around the area including a saloon, blacksmith shop, school house, and mining museum.  Its collections include treasures from local Hispanic heritage, Native American cultures, agriculture, railroad, pioneers, and industry.  It's arrowhead collection is one of the finest in the country.


discover fascinating stories

From the bullet-scarred saloon bar once run by the killer of Jesse James, to correspondence from Abraham Lincoln, to figuring out what on earth a 'pig oiler' was used for, there are hundreds of amazing stories for your to discover.